De Antiquitate

The foundation of modern life lies in Antikos during the time of the ancients. While many will eagerly speak of the tribes of the Oceanic provinces, particularly the Aquiarnians, Varangians, and Trevenorians (and the Boreanans as well), the true heart of western culture has descended from the Antikan east.

The history of Antikos begins with the founding of its chief city, Naftikos. This marks the date on the Antikan calendar which was ever after known as the FIRST YEAR, CHRONOLOGIA NAFTIKOS.

Yet truly the history of Antikos is not the only history that must be examined. For its past is intertwined with that the past of Kemet, Echeon, Parsaam, the Spear-men, and the Galle peoples.

I PARTE. Antikos



IV PARTE. Parsaam

V PARTE. Pila Terrarum

VI PARTE. Terrarum Gallea

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De Antiquitate

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