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Incipit Caput Unus: De Antiquitate

Being a full description of the ages before now, leading up to the dissolution of the Empire of Trevenus during the primacy of the Children of Lothar. Detailing the lives of the ancients and most importantly of the AlĂ­thean Empire both Antikan and Echeonian.

Incipit Caput Duo: De Summus Cultus

Being a discussion of the faith known as the High Worship, how it came into being, and a list of the most important elements. Containing a history of the Cultic Wars, the High Synods, and all things appertaining to the Worship.

Incipit Caput Tres: De Calixus

Being a history of the realm of Dux Beatus d’Aquis and his realm unto the modern day. Containing information regarding the many counties, duchies, baronies, and subdivisions of the aforesaid land.

Incipit Caput Quattor: De Linguae

Being a brief discussion of the languages spoken in Tarsus and the cultures which speak them.


Being the Abby index to the Codex Tarsi.

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Index of the High Worship

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